Becoming a member of Inland Saltwater Anglers Club is easy and inexpensive. There are two ways to join!
1. Simply print the membership application ( See the link below ) fill it out and send the fees to the PO Box listed.
  1. Come to our meetings on the first Wednesday of every month and sign up in person!
( See the MEETINGS page for time and location )

Membership fees are $60.00 for the first year and $35.00 per year annually.

While ISWAC does not require a paid membership to join us at our meetings or go fishing with us, paid club members in good standing do share privileges that non-members do not.
1. A paid club member can bump a guest from a trip up to 30 days prior to trip departure.
( Any and all fees paid to date for that trip will be fully refunded )
2. Guests and non-paid club members are charged an additional $15.00 per day on all trips
3. Paid club members receive special pricing and discounts of up to 10% from ISWAC sponsored tackle shops.

ISWAC is autonomous and is not affiliated with any groups and has no political agenda. We are a structured club who's main objective is having fun, teaching others about conservation and introducing the next generation of fishermen
why we are passionate about fishing.
 Membership Application Link